Welcome to the WIRED Student Ministry at Faith. All students in grades 6 – 12 are invited to join us each week for a time of Bible study that is geared toward growing our youth into disciples of Jesus. We have a variety of ways for students to serve God and others both in the church and the community.

Students meet Sunday mornings at 10am for a time of Bible study, then join the adults in the Worship service at 11am. On Wednesdays, we gather at 7pm for a more relaxed time of study and fellowship.

Sunday School ~ 10am
Wednesday Night ~ 7pm

The word “WIRED” is actually an acronym and statement of the purpose of our group:

We’re Into Recreation, Evangelism, & Discipleship.

This belief is derived from a model we see in the early church in Acts 2:42-47.

Recreation – Acts 2:46

  • Promotes fellowship
  • Fellowship is a cornerstone of the church because it promotes a spirit of community
  • Involvement is essential and is key to growth
  • Recreation gives us an opportunity to invite our lost friends to experience the love of God’s people in an environment that is not “too churchy”

Evangelism – Acts 2:47

  • Evangelism must move off the fringe and into the very center of what we do
  • We must become more concerned about the lost of this world
  • We must evangelize, not simply because the lost are dying and going to hell, but also because being evangelistic shows that we have the heart of God.

Discipleship – Acts 2:42

  • God does not want us to be ignorant regarding the basics of our faith
  • Jesus’ command: “…teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you…”, is a commission to train
  • Discipleship ensures that the faith is being spread and that the Gospel is being handed down from person to person
  • Proper discipleship results in proper evangelism